I don't understand people like you. You like something that is relatively obscure to everyone outside of the gaming space, but when a big named company with lots of money and PRESENCE takes notice of it and gives it probably the absolute BEST chance of becoming something that the WORLD (which I presume you are a part… » 4/03/14 7:02am 4/03/14 7:02am

This is where you need to realize that sense of entitlement is worth nothing. Does a COMPLETE STRANGER who DIDN'T EVEN GIVE YOU THEIR LAST NAME really OWE it to you to say no thanks? Also, she actually DID express her disinterest in him, pretty much EVERY time she addressed him. » 2/26/14 6:19am 2/26/14 6:19am

Actually, it ISN'T a legitimate question, because it is a loaded question, and those are not fair and don't deserve being answered. A more fair and legitimate question would be "What do you enjoy most about AoT?" See the difference? Asking it the first way is (usually) indicative of a biased inquirer and is meant to put… » 2/02/14 11:15pm 2/02/14 11:15pm

It would be a tragedy if he did. That man's personality is ridiculously fun to see in Nintendo Directs. The format has been imitated in collaboration with guest presenters during third party announcements like with the Capcom Direct (can't find a video link atm), but it was just missing Iwata's charm. If nothing else,… » 1/17/14 7:05am 1/17/14 7:05am

Factual and logical errors you say? You actually found some? I must say, I was all for dismissing her criticisms, but I've never seen her make a criticism that isn't plausible given the context of her approach. Her logic is solid in her context, but it seems people so easily forget the context that rebuttals, both… » 1/12/14 4:42am 1/12/14 4:42am

Top three Boise Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Stockton California... Not... even... close... Sound Carolina must be a bit of an anomaly... Granted, about 20 of the states had some deep red color, including a TINY part of SC on the opposite side I'm from, but I can't really say it's accurate with that shotgun approach. » 12/24/13 6:50am 12/24/13 6:50am

I heard through a friend that the director's commentary stated that the pricing was done intentionally high so that no one free company could just go out and buy up all the prime real estate. There are more than 10 people with over 100 million personal gil (presumably pre-screened to ensure the gil wasn't obtained… » 12/20/13 8:39pm 12/20/13 8:39pm

But wait... this announcement along with the announcement of the Link getup + Master Sword/Hylian Shield SnS + Hero's Bow was made like, back in September wasn't it? Oh well, more MH publicity! I'm just really hoping they will do an ultimate version for the US and put it on Wii U again. As much as I love the game and… » 12/20/13 7:08pm 12/20/13 7:08pm

Y'know, when people say stuff like what you said, I often like to arm myself with a bit of knowledge before I go on criticizing them, usually by checking their post history, but you seem like a sensible person. This post, however, seems to represent a lapse in judgement, and here is why. » 12/20/13 5:48pm 12/20/13 5:48pm